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Companies Urged to Consider The Environment
   Businesses should be taking more action to cut down on their carbon emissions, according to TV star Rob Holdway.
   The presenter of Channel 4's Dumped explained that most employees do not think about environmental issues while they are at work.
   He said: "The main reason is because they don't actually see the energy bills and they don't pay for the recycling, so they don't actually have any direct contact with the cost to the business and the associated environmental impact."
   According to a report published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), even though many employees implement energy efficiency measures at home, they lose their momentum when they get to work.
   Mr Holdway added: "Companies might want to think about the opportunities that the environment brings for them. This is a commercial opportunity for companies to think about the environment and how they promote themselves."
   Statistics released by Defra show that UK business could save up to ?6.4 billion a year by making environmental changes.