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Tengwang Pavilion
updated on: 2021-07-01

Tengwang Pavilion is reputed as one of three famous towers in regions south of the Yangtze River, the other two towers are Yellow Crane Tower and Yueyang Tower. It was established by “Tengwang (Prince Teng)” Li Yuanying while he served as Hongzhou Governor, who was the younger brother of Emperor Taizong of Tang in Yonghui 4th year of Tang Dynasty (AD653). It is famous for generations due to the Foreword of Tengwang Pavilion composed by poet Wang Bo in the early Tang Dynasty. Tengwang Pavilion is situated at the intersection of Ganjiang River of Nanchang City and the old path of Fuhe River, covering a land area of 4.16 hectares, standing along the river. The whole buildings are reinforced concrete wood-like structure, and the main pavilion maintains the magnificence the Tang pavilion with green tile, double eaves, colorful pillars and carved doors and windows. It was rated as national key tourist attraction in 2004 and national 5A-level scenic area in 2018.