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Passionate Youth Soaring with Zeal
updated on: 2023-05-29

To support Nanchang’s implementation of building a National Red Gene Inheritance Demonstration Zone and showcase the achievements of the Youth Military Academy training and the demeanor of its students, 2023 Nanchang Youth Military Academy Grand Performance sponsored by the Publicity Department of the CPC Municipal Committee and the Municipal Young Workers’ Committee, was held at Nanchang International Sports Center on May 28.

At the event, more than 1,200 student representatives from 110 schools in the city were divided into seven formations for the display. The students showcased their excellent military literacy and positive spirit through performances of military fist, police cudgel, dagger operation, flag language, and tactics. Their powerful movements and energetic state received enthusiastic applause from the audience. Subsequently, the students presented innovative formations and performed the sign language dance “Chinese Youth”.