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IT Imposes Energy Efficiency Problems, Says Expert
   Businesses trying to enhance their energy efficiency may find it difficult when it comes to IT, an expert has warned.
   According to Brian Charlton, business manager for IT for sustainability at Siemens, energy consumption is often challenging to measure when it comes to computers.
   Speaking at the Green IT Expo 2009, Mr Charlton explained that the companies often struggle when measuring energy consumption because it is so "spread out" when it comes to IT that no one really understands where it all is.
   He said: "We may know the overall level, but we don't necessarily know even how much ICT [information and communication technologies] uses, let alone what its component parts use.
   "We need to measure it because until we measure it, we can't manage it and so many organisations don't know where to start this from. This is hardly surprising."
   The Green IT Expo exhibition was held in London at the Barbican centre last week in a bid to help senior IT and business decision-makers learn about greener technology options.
   An array of complimentary seminars, supplier briefings and experience-sharing opportunities was included at the event.