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IT Is Vital Weapon in Climate Change Arsenal
   Information technology (IT) has a pivotal role to play in reducing carbon emissions, according to an industry analyst.
   Speaking at the Green IT Expo yesterday (November 11th), Warren Wilson, research director at telecoms consultancy Ovum and independent market analyst Datamonitor, said IT is "the secret weapon, if you will, to combating global warming".
   The annual sustainable computing event, held at the Barbican Exhibition Centre in London, aimed to advise senior IT business officials on how to adopt eco-friendly technologies and identify socially responsible suppliers.
   Visitors were told that soaring energy prices, new reporting requirements and growing consumer awareness were "rapidly" becoming key factors in the socio-economic landscape.
   Mr Wilson added: "Carbon abatement and management are shaping up as a huge new market. Many sectors will contribute solutions, but IT is the common denominator - the only technology that covers the entire spectrum from vineries to wineries and everything in between.
   "We'll need every contribution, from renewable energy to reforestation and many others. But IT is the key to optimising all of these and pulling all of them together."
   The British government has set a target to reduce carbon emissions in the UK by at 34 percent over the next decade.