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Focusing on Environmental Protection,Properly Dealing with the Relationship between Foreign Investment Attraction, Economic Development and Environmental Protection

Focusing on Environmental Protection,
Properly Dealing with the Relationship between Foreign Investment Attraction, Economic Development and Environmental Protection

Adjacent to a river and a lake, Nanchang lies at the foot of a hill with Ganjiang River running through the city. With many lakes scattering here and there, migratory birds in the city make a unique southern city. In such a beautiful and harmonious ecological environment, we approve construction projects strictly by controlling pollution from the origin, and reject all the projects that are not in line with national industry policy and not up to the environmental protection standard while developing the economy. We try to deal with the relationship between foreign investment attraction, economic development and environmental protection properly.
I. Adhering to the principle of planning before everything else, and building up environmental protection infrastructure with high standards
In order to construct a modern garden city, we make full use of rich water resource. With “One Ganjiang River, Two Smaller Rivers, and Eight Lakes” as bases, the comprehensive water environment improvement is carried out by expanding infrastructure construction so that water environment quality could be controlled and bettered to some degree.
“Regulation on Drinking Water Protection of Ganjiang River, Nanchang” was issued by the Standing Committee of Nanchang Municipal People's Congress, in order to protect drinking water source of Ganjiang River. All the relevant departments implement the Regulation strictly and prohibit any construction project that has nothing to do with water source protection in the Class-A and Class-B drinking water source conservation area. A Ganjiang Coastal Construction Project Approval Group is set up, which means all projects have to go through environmental protection bureau, water conservancy bureau, industrial and commercial bureau’s joint examination and the municipal government for final examination. What’s more, the water environmental protection area has been expanded. All the new projects outside the Class-A and Class-B drinking water protection area from Shengmi Bridge to Yuzhang Bridge can only constructed after getting the Group’s joint approval and the municipal government’s approval.
II. Changing from “attracting” investment to “selecting” investment
In recent years, environmental protection has been stressed. We hold that environmental protection means improving environment, which may create good opportunities for development. We must control pollution from the root, introduce high-production and low-pollution industry, and change the mode of attracting investment, from “attracting” investment to “selecting” investment.
For example, we take the advantage of rich reserve of silicon mineral and quartz powder in Jiangxi Province and the unique location of Nanchang, which is in connection with Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Southeast Delta, to vigorously develop PV industry and establish the PV garden equipped with complete facility in the hi-tech district. Consequently Jiangxi Wafer BEST Solar Hi-Tech Co., Ltd and General Silicon Solar Power(Nanchang ) Co., Ltd are encouraged to develop lager and stronger.
With Luminescent Material and Device Education Ministry Engineer Research Center in Nanchang University as technical support, related institutes are encouraged to establish hi-tech enterprises which produce silicon substrate GaN LED epitaxial material and chips. Such programs as LED car lighting, high-power LED street lamp, LED illumination, LED screen are introduced to realize the city’s benign and sustainable development.
III. Realizing a win-win in both attracting investment and environmental protection
In the “Report of 2007-2008 global cities’ competitiveness”, Nanchang ranks among the fastest developing cities, with economic growth rate ranking the fifteenth. In the second half year of 2008, all the counties, development areas and departments will make full use of the advantage of “National Processing Trade Gradient Transfer Key Take-over City”, “Optical, Mechanical and Electronic Integration Export Processing Area”, “Export Innovation Base”, “National Torch Plan Software Industry Base”, “Chinese Service Outsourcing Demonstration Spot”, “National Semi-conductor Lighting Engineer Industrialization Base”, “National Textile and Clothing Industry Base”, to develop the investment attraction mode of “Industry+ Base”, and form new advantage of industry gathering.
As the representative of high-added-value and low-consumption industry, service outsourcing will be vigorously developed in the near future. From 2005 to 2007, the city’s service outsourcing industry kept a high growth rate of 29%. In 2007, its output value has reached 3.71 billion. This year our city is rewarded by the State Council as one of the “National Service Outsourcing Demonstrate Cities”. Service outsourcing has obviously become the polar industry of this city.
We will firmly carry on the grand opening strategy, new industrialization strategy and sustainable development strategy. We will take the major projects as breakthrough, and the strategy of “enriching people by initiation and developing economy by innovation” as the main line, to create a new high-efficiency and low-consumption industry development, and to realize the city’s benign and fast development.