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Service Outsourcing and Low-carbon Economy

    Under the guidance of the scientific outlook on development, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have adhered to both economic development and environment protection. While low-carbon is advocated all around the world, we take the opportunity of service outsourcing industry transference to hold the environment-friendly service outsourcing industry as the key industry to be promoted in the future. As relatively hi-end industry in the modern service industry, service outsourcing has the advantage of low-pollution, low consumption, high added value etc.  

    At present, in terms of service content, software and IT service outsourcing is dominant in our city’s service outsourcing industry, especially software, taking a proportion of 87.3%. At the same time, service outsourcing talent training on the platform of such service outsourcing talent training institutes as (IBM) Pioneering Service Talent Training Base and (Microsoft) Jiangxi IT Talent Training is being developed vigorously. In the future, we will put emphasis on software development outsourcing, research design outsourcing, financial service outsourcing, creative industry outsourcing, software testing outsourcing, telecom project outsourcing and service outsourcing talent training. All these programs have the following characteristics:

    1. Green industry. Different from manufacture industry outsourcing, service program outsourcing needs no support of mineral resources and logistics, no pollutants being emitted. It is based on telecom and internet technology, which need some electricity. So it can be understood as green industry.

    2 With human resources as core. A great number of college graduates are employed, which releases the pressure of employment and contributes to establishing a harmonious society.

     3 High added value. In contrast with traditional manufacturing industry, service outsourcing projects hardly spend anything on raw material. The cost of project is only composed of property rent, computer depreciation, utility cost and human resources cost.

    In conclusion, service outsourcing industry will play a significant role in increasing the government fiscal revenue, improving foreign capital quality, optimizing industry structure, expanding employment, enhancing “the Garden City’s ” environment and establishing low-carbon economy society.