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Views of Domestic Experts on Low Carbon Economy
    Zhang Kunmin: If China can take action to respond to climate change by developing low carbon economy, many problem China is confronting with  can be resolved smoothly.
    Niu Wenyuan: In building low carbon economy, the city has to develop the economy  in concerntration, push industrial structural innovation, take recycling economy as the core of development, save energy, reduce emission, based on knowledge economy, so as to innovate the content of development.
    Li Yang: As an energy-intensive country, we have to set off from the startpoint of energy saving and emission reduction, find out the root cause of great wasting and pollution, lay aside the opinion of only caring for technical matters such as energy saving in construction, high efficiency in coal use, but put emphasis on systematic troubles such as the negative impact of the consumption-promote-economy theory, wasting because of urban and rural allocation and living manner of peope. This, only by innovating thinking, changing ideas, taking an overall view of the situation, can wen come to understand and develop faster the low carbon economy.
    Ye Wenhu: in Chinese culture, sustainable development idea has come into being for a long history, which is expressed in such idioms as “Ancestors plant the tree and descendents will enjoy the shadow”. In running business, we should comply with the code that businessman, though eager for fortune, should gain it in good manner, which asks businessman to shoulder social responsibility.
    Chen Jiagui: climate change is imperative. The matter is not whether we should take action, but who should and how to take action. It is required to change the manner of living to realize low carbon economy, so as to avoid wasting.
    He Jiankun:low carbon economy is the irreversible trend which ill creat new economic growth point, and it will, together with globalization, IT, become the impetus of the future world.
    Xia Kunbao: there are two sorts of low carbon economy: one is low carbon production; the other is low carbon consumption. The low carbon production is one of sustainability.
    Pan Jiahua: China is at the critical point of industrialization, which can not allow it to say empty words in reducing emission. It should give priority to energy saving, and pool the efforts in saving energy and reduce CO2, with emphasis on development of low carbon emission.
    Hu Angang: China maybe become the biggest market for carbon exchange, the biggest market for environmental protection and nergy saving, biggest base and exporter of low carbon products.
    Zhang Zhiqiu: To develop low carbon economy which is a economic development model, means the restructuring of energy use and industries, and innovation of technologies, which is one of the path  available towards sustainable development.
Zhuang Guiyang: Low carbon economy will be scene of the next China’s industrial revolution, the trial plot for the transformation of China’s large scale economy. Whether and how to establish low carbon economy is a test of political vision and the ablity to make policies at different levels.
    Zhang Shigang: it is import part of sustainable development to change production manner and consumption manner. Every party related should set up new type of partnership  and take good use of  it.
    Lin Hui: Low carbon economy is also in line with such strategies as ecological civilization, harmonious society, scientific outlook on development, as well as such traditional beliefs of Chinese as “nature and human is of one system”, “law and behavior should be in line with the nature”, and “ conscience, credibility, courtesy and morality all together make human”.